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Smith wins year-worth of groceries

Cazenovia resident wins Tops Supermarket giveaway

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, Tops Friendly Markets announced Patricia Smith, of Cazenovia, was the fifth winner of free groceries for a year — as part of Tops’ 50th Anniversary Free For All Grocery Giveaway.

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Burrell sisters share recipe for success, donate 10K to juvenile diabetes research

Cazenovia resident Jane Burrell-Uzcategui recently traveled to New York City to visit with her sister Anne Burrell, a celebrity chef on Food Network, and to cook some good food for a great cause.

COLUMN: From Grandma’s Kitchen - Embrace the colors of the season

Hi, everyone! I love the colors of fall. The spectacular bursts of color paint our hills and valleys into unbelievable works of art. They take your breath away. What joy to see.

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Pewter Spoon opens in Caz village

The Pewter Spoon, Cazenovia’s newest café located at 87 Albany St., opened Friday, Oct. 5 and has already seen a number of curious locals visit as customers.

COLUMN: Microwave comes in handy during lazy days of summer

I hope you are enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer. Kick off your shoes, sit on the porch, sip a glass of lemonade or iced tea, and watch the world go by.

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iCan event brings flavor back to home food preservation

Vegetable stands and farmer’s markets are full of delicious fresh from the field foods — a sign the summer growing season is well under way.

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Market matters: Q&A with Travis North, Anna’s Flowers and Vegetables

The Marcellus Open Air Market opened Thursday, June 7, in Marcellus Park. Throughout the summer, the Eagle Observer will interview farmers and other vendors at the local market to find out what’s in season and what’s in store for the coming months. Introducing: Travis North, of Anna’s Flowers and Vegetables in Marcellus.

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School lunch menu to be healthier, yet its offerings mandatory

School board, district, concerned about waste of food and money in new state directives

School lunches in Skaneateles for the 2012-13 school year will include more and bigger portions of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, while reducing and eliminating unhealthier foods from the menu. The problem, however, according to the school district lunch manager, is that New York is mandating that every student who buys lunch must take the foods offered on the menu — even if the student is not going to eat it.

Heart healthy living

The American Heart Association has defined what it means to have ideal cardiovascular health, identifying seven health and behavior factors that impact health and quality of life.

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Families can make better choices with menu labels

Last year, the New York State Department of Health has launched the “iChoose” public education campaign to increase awareness and use of calorie information posted on chain restaurant menus.

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Let's Cook!

Start their morning off right with a nutrition-packed smoothie

Kids can grab a quick breakfast with this yummy smoothie recipe.

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New year, fit family

The New Year is upon us and most likely one of your family’s resolution was to be healthier. Well, to achieve this vision and become healthier, you and your family will need to eat well with proper nutrition and be active. Incorporating daily activity into our lives helps us manage and/or lose unwanted weight, can increase our energy levels, support a positive mood and improve sleep, all of them are fantastic benefits. So, try by starting with some of the 50 ideas listed below to add physical activity into you and your family’s life.

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Exploring celiac disease and the gluten free diet

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive system when foods containing gluten are consumed. The small intestine becomes irritated and swollen when gluten containing foods are consumed. Gluten is found in foods that contain wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats. The concern with oats is the risk of potential cross contamination that can occur during the manufacturing process. The damage to the small intestine interferes with the absorption of nutrients and this can then lead to poor growth and weight loss. A gluten free diet helps to make the symptoms better.

CNY is proud apple country

Apples have a rich history in New York. The first known apple tree in New York State was planted by Governor Peter Stuyvesant in 1647.

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Food for thought

One of the best things about summer is all the great fresh fruits and vegetables available. The updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans for 2010 focuses on making half your plate from fruits and vegetables at each meal. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with all sorts of things that can help keep you healthy, such as: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, while generally being low in calories and fat. They are colorful and refreshing, especially on hot days.